Birkenstock Repairs

On average, a person throws away one pair of shoes every six months. That's over 40 million pairs or 13,000 tonnes of waste per year in Australia alone.

To increase the durability of your Birks, we recommend using Cork Seal and following the Birkenstock Care Guide. If they're nearing the end of their life and you're considering how best to honour them, it's a good idea to look at whether they can be repaired or recycled.

Many elements of a Birkenstock can be repaired, including the soles (full or partial), cork, lining, uppers, footbeds and buckles.

As an official Birkenstock stockist, Bstore is happy to help facilitate Birkenstock repairs. Depending on your location and repair requirements, repairs can be completed by the Birkenstock workshop in Melbourne, or an authorised Birkenstock Repairer and qualified Pedorthist in Perth.

Getting your Birkenstocks repaired or recycled can take 4-6 weeks including transportation. COVID-19 has placed increased pressure on the international supply of Birkenstock repair materials and the postal service, which may cause further delays.

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Birkenstock Repairs

The Most Common Birkenstock Repairs

Birkenstock Re-Sole
Lost the tread or worn through the sole of your shoe? You can replace the entire Birkenstock EVA or SuperGrip sole while keeping the cork/latex footbed, lining and uppers.

Birkenstock Partial Resole - Heel/Toe 
Worn down the part of the sole, under the toe or the heel? You can replace the worn out end of the Birkenstock EVA sole while keeping the rest in tact. Great for people who tend to wear through soles unevenly. 

Birkenstock Cork Repair 
Have a hole or flex point crack in your Birkenstock cork? These can be repaired by injecting a special cork/adhesive hybrid into the cracks before sanding back and finishing it with cork life sealant.

Suede or Birko-Flor Lining Replacement
The suede or Birko-flor footbed lining can be washed with a suede shampoo and suede brush to remove light dirt and marks. If the lining is worn through or beyond a clean, you can replace the lining completely.

Buckle Replacement
Birkenstock hardware and buckles can be replaced on all styles, though colour matches may not be possible with older or limited edition styles. Please note that Papillio and Birkis buckles will be replaced with Birkenstock buckles due to availability.

Gizeh, Mayari & Tabora Toe Plug Replacement
The toe piece, or leather strap, that sits between your big and second toe in styles like Gizeh, Mayari and Tabora can be replaced if it becomes damaged or is eaten by the new puppy (we've all been there).

Full Birkenstock Recycle
Great for those that are environmentally conscious, or if you have a favourite style that you just can't bear to part with.  A Full Recycle keeps the original upper (straps and buckles) and replaces the entire sole unit - including EVA outersole, footbed and lining.